Cards and Card Packs can be found in the Character tab. Card packs contain three cards, which may contain:

Items can be equipped to the character for bonus stats, a list of which can be found on the Item List and Event Item List pages.

Upgrading and Fusing

Items can be upgraded to further increase stats by using Scrap Scrap. Upgrading an item will double its bonus each upgrade. The number of times an item can be upgraded is indicated by the rarity; the number on the top right corner of the card.

  • Once for Common Items
  • Twice for Uncommon
  • Five times for Rare
  • Seven times for Epic
  • Nine times for Legendary
  • Eleven times for Unique

Unused items can be salvaged to get more Scrap.

The player can fuse two items of the same rarity at max level into a random item of the next rarity. This excludes event items, which can only be obtained from participating in them.

Fusing two event items of the same rarity will grant the player a random card from the base item list.

Card Packs

Are dropped randomly from a few activities, including:


  • For a list of every card from the card binder in game see here.
  • For a list of all previous event items see here.
  • An Item Attribute Guide can be found here.