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Version 0.69 Monday February 20th


  • New Warpstones button under Activities
  • Create Warpstones using warpdust (gained from clearing mines) (12 hour cooldown)
  • Combine Warpstones to receive a variety of rewards (listed in Guide)
  • Unlock new hero cosmetic graphics
  • Redeem base card tokens for random, rare, epic, and legendary base items
  • Redeem event card tokens for random, rare, epic, and legendary event items (Dragon Event not yet included)
  • Creation cooldown, warpdust drop rates, and Warpstone drop rates are subject to tweaking.

Balance changes: We've made a few changes to damage calculation to better balance damage growth curves and restore auto damage as the primary damage source as originally intended.

  • Auto damage gains 3% cycle bonus (retroactively applied)
  • Hero damage infinity bonus reduced to 5%
  • Hero damage level bonus capped at level 2000 (pre-warp max)
  • Both auto and hero cycle bonuses diminish at 50 and 75 cycle mark (3/2/1, 5/3/1 respectively)

These changes will result in many auto damage focused players receiving massive DPS increases as their damage is realigned with their progress.
There will also be small DPS decreases for hero damage focused players due to the infinity upgrade change.
Other changes:

  • [FIX] Base Damage no longer capped at level 2000

Version 0.68 Saturday January 7th

Event complete: Snow Festival! Event notes:

  • You can still manually claim EvP and token rewards
  • Event gold and xp bonuses removed
  • Santa Gem Pack will be available for several days until next event
  • Snow Festival item portal will be available for several days until next event

Other changes:

  • [FIX] Performance idle mode sometimes giving idle gold to incorrect party member
  • [FIX] Performance idle mode medals bug
  • [FIX] Performance idle mode item packs bug
  • [FIX] Possible fix for exploration treasure chance 100% not being 100%
  • [FIX] Salvage junk button not resetting
  • [FIX] Possible fix for mining bomb graphical issues (if not please report with screenshots)
  • [FIX] Possible fix for receiving guild invites while in a party
  • [FIX] Decimal issues for Tavern and Port stats
  • [FIX] Possible hero dps display fix (crit/multi see notes)
  • [FIX] Hero speed was not limited on client side (display issue only)
  • [FIX] Farnham bonus was still resetting on tier up
  • [CHANGE] Parties no longer reset to private/non-guild when empty
  • [CHANGE] Town mine now shows a gem icon when available

Hero dps notes:

  • Hero dps display was being calculated using non-normalized crit and multi values (x100)
  • Client-side dps was ignoring Farnham bonus for Ezio and Duobomber
  • Farnham bonus was still resetting on tier up
  • All of these bugs should be fixed now, but may reveal other dps bugs


  • This new system is on the way but it's grown in complexity so we need a little while longer before it's ready!
  • Will provide ability to gain items from previous events
  • Will provide hero graphic upgrades to collect (cosmetic)
  • Along with lots of standard rewards and base damage progression!

Version 0.67 Wednesday December 14th

Event: Snow Festival!

  • Open presents!
  • Gain EvP by generating festivity
  • Limited time Santa gem pack (max 2)
  • Gold +30%, XP +30%
  • See event screen Guide for important details
  • Portal change: Guaranteed legendary event items will now cycle so you do not receive the same one over and over. Please note, this only applies to GUARANTEED event items (first slot) and not random event legendaries which may appear in slots 2-10.

Other changes:

  • [CHANGE] Performance Idle Mode enabled for all players by default

Performance idle mode:

  • We need feedback on a bug which causes a gold mismatch (may be caused by auto-reconnect?)
  • We also need feedback on an issue where party medals don't update properly
  • If you do not experience major issues with PIM, we encourage you to leave it enabled so that we can continue to collect data

Developer note:

  • We know many have been worried about our focus on framework/efficiency improvements over content for the past while and we fully understand the sentiment. It was important that we got these fixes done and now that they're ready we're excited to get back to work on fun things like new mechanics and hero origins again! So please enjoy our Christmas event and have a very happy holiday season!

Version 0.66 Sunday December 4th

  • [ADD] Framework for upcoming holiday event
  • [CHANGE] Performance idle mode rewrite (see notes)

Performance idle mode (PIM):

  • Completely rewritten idle gains handling system
  • Should accurately track all standard gains, updating once every 60 seconds
  • Should update partial gains caused by idle mode breaking (attack, party join/leave, etc)
  • Fixed issue with party bonuses not applying to idle gains when using PIM
  • Added resource tracking to PIM display popup
  • Added users who requested to be in additional testing

Version 0.65 Tuesday November 22nd

  • [FIX] Daylight Savings Time fixed for weekly ladder
  • [ADD] Performance idle mode enabled for small group of testers (see notes)

Performance idle mode (PIM):

  • This option can now be toggled on/off
  • PIM halts all on-screen combat animations, silently providing full gains updates every 60 seconds
  • PIM state will not change until next time game enters idle state
  • Additional users will be added to testing pool soon

Version 0.64 Sunday November 13th

Event complete: Spooky Halloween!
Event notes:

  • You can still manually claim EvP and token rewards
  • Event gold and xp bonuses removed
  • Limited time Halloween Pack will be only available for several days until next event
  • Halloween item portal will be only available for several days until next event


  • [ADD] 10k guild stone contribution
  • [ADD] Framework for idle performance mode
  • [CHANGE] Stone contribution hidden from chat (only shown to contributor)


  • Idle performance mode expected to enter testing phase soon
  • Will be optional setting with small bonus for helping test
  • After testing new mode will be default idle system

Version 0.63 Friday October 28th

  • [FIX] Bug with event map not refreshing properly (see notes below)
  • [ADD] Required DPS filter to party options (see notes below)

Event map bug:

  • This bug effected brand new players who have joined after the event started
  • New players level 5 or higher will receive bonus search and spooky stamina on login to make up for missed days

Party DPS filter:

  • Players must have required DPS (non-idle) at time of joining the party
  • DPS used for check is calculated on server (Party DPS)
  • Players on allowed list bypass DPS check

Party restrictions:

  • Party restriction handling updated on both joins and guild pre-checks
  • Please report any problems you experience when trying to join parties

Version 0.62 Tuesday October 25th

Event changes:

  • [FIX] Client showing incorrect candy amounts and monster levels on login
  • [FIX] Gold and XP bonuses
  • [FIX] Client showing reverted Elite Elven Helm stats (display issue, did not actually revert item)
  • [FIX] Bug with trick-or-treat map not refreshing (requires game refresh)
  • [CHANGE] Increased event stamina to 24

Version 0.61 Monday October 24th

Event: Spooky Halloween!

  • Go trick-or-treating!
  • Gain EvP by generating spooky
  • Limited time Halloween gem pack (max 2)
  • Gold +25%, XP +25%
  • See event screen Guide for important details

Other changes:

  • [FIX] Rare connection bug caused by improper load order
  • [FIX] Graphical issue on idle upgrade popup
  • [ADD] Debug logging for various party issues
  • [ADD] Framework for party DPS requirement


  • If you experience any new connection related bugs please send a Help ticket along with your debug log

Version 0.60 Friday October 14th

Event complete: Larawen's Hero Origin!
Event notes:

  • You can still manually claim EvP and token rewards
  • Event gold and xp bonuses removed
  • Limited time Larawen Pack will be only available for several days until next event
  • Larawen item portal will be only available for several days until next event

Other changes:

  • [ADD] Junk added to inventory type filter
  • [ADD] Salvage junk items added to fusion screen (see notes)
  • [ADD] Gauntlet multi/crit total stats includes Farnham bonus
  • [FIX] Bug with Farnham bonuses not showing on some UI stats
  • [FIX] Display bug with high level mining negative gold
  • [FIX] Only Leaders and Co-Leaders can initiate guild campaign attacks
  • [CHANGE] Mining upgrade text changed to "Increases mining rewards"

Junk items defined:

  • Item is below epic rarity
  • Item is not equipped
  • Item is level 1
  • Item is not locked

Junk notes:

  • Click Salvage to reveal the new Salvage Junk button
  • You can now salvage common/uncommon/rare items with the junk feature
  • Choose whether to salvage a specific rarity or all current junk items at once!

Version 0.59 Sunday October 2nd

  • [FIX] Issue with mining ore on low levels
  • [FIX] Infinity upgrade reset cooldown stalling
  • [CHANGE] Reset bank max increased to 5 (to help with mistakes/misclicks)
  • [CHANGE] Elven Elite Helm gold bonus replaced with mining bonus

Note: The Elven Elite Helm change is a possibly temporary alteration to see how well the item functions. If you own this item please share your feedback with us on this change.

Version 0.58 Saturday October 1st

  • [FIX] Bug with daily timer not updating client on roll over
  • [CHANGE] Logging bonus wood now provides 2% wood reward (minimum 1)
  • [CHANGE] Mining gems and elixir formulas and caps increased

Infinity upgrade system improvements:

  • Hero recruits now count towards bonus infinity points (Available on reset)
  • Reset cooldown changed to 2 hours with 4 banked resets (Achievement resets too)
  • Reset cooldown provides 2 resets every tick
  • Infinity resets now split by category
  • Bonus resets provided for hero infinity points and testing
  • Infinity hero training upgrade changed to 1.5 per level
  • Infinity gold boost upgrade changed to 8% per level
  • Infinity xp boost upgrade changed to 8% per level
  • Infinity party boost upgrade changed to 15% per level
  • Infinity exploration boost upgrade changed to 12% per level

Version 0.57 Friday September 30th

  • [FIX] Event critical and critbonus bugs
  • [FIX] Bugs with mining ore not showing properly
  • [FIX] New mining calculations no longer round on mining level division
  • [FIX] Offline medals should now apply to the correct monster (selected or last cleared non-boss monster)
  • [ADD] Two additional item loadouts have been added to inventory
  • [CHANGE] Major changes to Infinity and Achievement upgrade systems (See notes below)

Infinity and Achievement upgrade system changes:

  • Please read our announcement regarding these changes here:
  • Infinity and Achievement upgrades have been reset
  • Infinity upgrades have been split into 3 categories: Combat, Bonuses, and Activities
  • Infinity points have been divided evenly among the 3 categories
  • The combat infinity upgrade category also includes town infinity points
  • Activity infinity points now given for each mining and logging level (+1 per level)
  • Infinity points are now gained in multiples of 3 (1 for each category) with a similar growth curve to old system
  • Logging/mining regen boost infinity upgrades changed to percentages which are additive with item bonuses rather than multiplicative (225%, 150%, 125%, 100%...)
  • Auto/click/hero damage infinity upgrades all changed from additive to multiplicative
  • Auto/click damage infinity upgrades changed to 2% per level
  • Infinity and Achievement upgrade resets now have a 3 hour cooldown with up to two banked resets each

Version 0.56 Saturday September 24th

Event: Larawen's Hero Origin!

  • Help Larawen defeat the caravan attackers!
  • Gain EvP by defeating the Razorclaw Raptors
  • Limited time Larawen gem pack (max 2)
  • Gold +25%, XP +25%
  • Event item portal clarity improved
  • Added Scavenge system to provide additional gains, event xp, and more!
  • See event screen Guide for more information

Other changes:

  • [ADD] Stamina time cooldown added to main screen buttons
  • [FIX] Incorrect infinity points reset amount when in warp
  • [FIX] Quad packs now provide 4 to total packs achievement
  • [FIX] Town construction elixir bug
  • [CHANGE] Offline gains system improved (see notes below)
  • [CHANGE] Weekly ladder matchmaking improved
  • [CHANGE] Mining bonus system changed to be more intuitive (see notes below)

Mining bonus changes:

  • Mining no longer checks each bonus individually which was unintuitive
  • Calculation changes will result in significantly higher stone/ore production
  • Changes may result in lower gems/elixir depending on level and bonuses
  • Stone = MiningLevel * BonusMultiplier
  • Ore = MiningLevel/2 * BonusMultiplier
  • Gems = MiningLevel/2 * BonusMultiplier (cap still 25)
  • Elixir = MiningLevel/2 * BonusMultiplier (cap still 15)
  • Gold = MonsterGold * MiningLevel * BonusMultiplier

Offline gains changes:

  • Gold and XP accuracy dramatically improved
  • Medal gains added
  • Idle XP added at 50% (calculated based on offline time, does not effect current idle timer)
  • Added ability to generate bonus gains reward code using the offline gains system for server downtime compensation (no idle xp)

Preparation added for:

  • Party DPS requirement
  • Infinity level decrease

Version 0.55 Thursday August 15th

Event complete: Gombo's Hero Origin!

  • You can still manually claim EvP and token rewards
  • Event gold and xp bonuses removed
  • Limited time Gombo Pack will only be available for several days until next event
  • Gombo item portal will only be available for several days until next event

Balance changes:

  • [CHANGE] Daily cycle bonuses changed to multiplicative
  • [CHANGE] Warp base armor reduced to 50%
  • [CHANGE] Warp level bonus armor reduced to 25%

Downtime compensation:

  • 3 full days of offline gains will be credited to all accounts level 10+ on login
  • Multiple reward codes will be posted over the next days with gems, elixir, food, packs, and stamina

Other changes:

  • [ADD] Mine Row and Instamine buttons to speed up mining (Requires Mine level 5)
  • [ADD] New error message and debug log for incorrect town construction elixir cost
  • [FIX] Mana updating on the main battle screen (bug caused by mana UI change)
  • [FIX] Hero multistrike and crit calculations and DPS
  • [CHANGE] Infinity reset no longer shows regained infinity points
  • [CHANGE] Upgrade buttons no longer give insufficient resource message
  • [CHANGE] Logging/mining no longer give insufficient stamina message
  • [CHANGE] Using elixir now has a confirmation popup

Version 0.54 Friday August 14th

  • All 0.52 connection changes reverted in an attempt to solve server crashing issue

Version 0.53 Thursday August 13th

  • Attempted fixes to server issues introduced in update 0.52

Version 0.52 Friday August 9th

  • [ADD] Logging, mining, and hero gauntlet energies added to main screen
  • [ADD] Fullscreen button (may not work in all browsers)
  • [CHANGE] Equipped items can now be upgraded and locked (fusion is still blocked)

Duplicate connection changes:

  • Game client status system improved to hopefully prevent more than 1 connection attempt at a time
  • Made party duplicate connection disconnect less severe

Version 0.51 Tuesday August 30th

Event changes:

  • [ADD] Additional gold added to every bandit attack (based on ratio of damage to bandit total hp)
  • [ADD] Chance for elixir and food to drop from attacks
  • Back rewards: Already killed and damaged bandits will have new rewards simulated and added to account with no notification

Other changes:

  • [FIX] Hero levels above 10 caused by train all
  • [FIX] Empty infinity chest bug (now guarantees gold)
  • [ADD] Additional party duplicate connection fixes
  • [ADD] Item set functionality (3 easily equipped item loadouts)
  • [CHANGE] Daily reward buttons will now claim next available daily reward (buttons no longer day-specific)

Item sets:

  • Use the Set buttons to equip multiple unique loadouts quickly and easily
  • Each set acts as if it has it's own inventory, allowing you to equip the same item to multiple sets
  • Items equipped in any set cannot be upgraded or fused (working on a more elegant solution to this)

Version 0.50 Friday August 26th

Event: Gombo's Hero Origin!

  • Help Gombo retrieve his town's stolen ale!
  • Gain EvP by defeating the ale bandits
  • Limited time Gombo gem pack (max 2)
  • Gold +25%, XP +25%
  • Event item portal rules changed (guaranteed rarities on certain packs)
  • See event screen Guide for more information

Party changes:

  • [ADD] User id restriction (enter allowed userids separated by commas)
  • [ADD] Periodic duplicate connection check to parties
  • [CHANGE] Party no longer resets to public on new login

Other changes:

  • [ADD] Debug log to Help screen for tracking connection related issues
  • [ADD] Hero gauntlet monster full hp mouse over
  • [FIX] Achievement levels graphical cut off
  • [FIX] Infinity points show properly on level up popup
  • [FIX] Bug with party kicking members when host joins with new Infinity level
  • [FIX] Town tavern incorrect training text
  • [FIX] Bug with mining ore naming
  • [FIX] Hero DPS inconsistency caused by last hero update
  • [CHANGE] Clicking one hero Train button now trains all available heroes
  • [CHANGE] Warp gold bonus increased for each warp level
  • [CHANGE] Warp levels now give 20 infinity points
  • [CHANGE] Guild members now listed by rank and alphabetical order
  • [CHANGE] Infinity rewards increased and can drop multiple types
  • [CHANGE] Daily rewards gem gains increased by Infinity level
  • [CHANGE] Dragon Pack token rewards no longer spendable in events (used in Eternal Bonus only)

Version 0.49 Friday August 19th 2016

Hero changes:

  • [CHANGE] Heroes no longer attack individually nor have individual speeds
  • [CHANGE] Hero damages normalized according to new 2 second base hero attack timer
  • [CHANGE] Above change results in across the board damage increase for all heroes
  • [CHANGE] Hero crit and multistrike now trigger for hero group rather than individually
  • [CHANGE] Hero tiers uncapped with damage gain remaining steady through tiers 11+
  • [CHANGE] Hero bonuses no longer reset on tier up (maxes remain)

Other changes:

  • [FIX] Fixed a bug with the attack speed lower limit (wasn't working)
  • [FIX] Bug with mining and logging stamina decimals
  • [FIX] Incorrect more coins upgrade cost display
  • [FIX] Incorrect more gold upgrade amount display
  • [ADD] Warp zone teasers at Infinity Levels 10 and 15 (will show on login for those already past these levels)
  • [CHANGE] Power Level bonus elixir and food cap lowered from PL14 to PL13 (lone effected player has had equivalent value removed)
  • [CHANGE] Tutorial popup now only shows tutorials you have seen already
  • [CHANGE] Idle bonus notification moved below xp meter (click title to expand)
  • [CHANGE] Daily reward, infinity chest, weekly ladder, and card food drops increased

Version 0.48 Tuesday August 16th, 2016

Event complete: Dragon Invasion!

  • Your event rank rewards will be automatically claimed when you log in
  • Auto party join will be disabled during this first login
  • You can still manually claim EvP and token rewards
  • Event gold and xp bonuses removed

Event changes:

  • [FIX] Final EvP reward requirements properly shown (20k, 25k, 30k, 35k, 40k)

Other changes:

  • [FIX] Invulnerable monsters caused by Treasure Golems (was fixed in previous hotfix)
  • [FIX] Improved guild and party listing functions to handle the thousands of newly created objects
  • [FIX] Town mine gem cooldown not updating properly on construction finish
  • [ADD] Item locking to prevent accidental salvaging and fusing (available on Fusion screen)
  • [ADD] Message alerting players when entering salvage mode
  • [CHANGE] Wormbo kill timer increased substantially (not represented on game client)
  • [CHANGE] Offline gains increased to 90% (Offline gains will be further improved in upcoming update)

Version 0.46 Saturday August 13th, 2016

  • [EVENT] Final EvP rewards set
  • [ADD] Public chat reporting system
  • [ADD] Public chat spam slowdown system
  • [FIX] Auto-reconnect not reconnecting to guilds (bug from last update)
  • [FIX] Bug where purchased medals were counting twice towards medal total
  • [CHANGE] Logging and mining stamina now store decimals on server
  • [CHANGE] Improved attack speed handling to be much more precise

Balance changes:

  • [CHANGE] Auto/click speed upgrades capped at level 400
  • [CHANGE] Diminishing returns added to some Infinity upgrades to balance free resets
  • [CHANGE] Gem upgrades capped at level 500
  • [CHANGE] Various upgrade levels which have not been reached yet capped
  • [CHANGE] Infinity level removed from Weekly Ladder reward calculations (gold reward increased to compensate)

Chat reporting:

  • Use ‘/report playerName’ to report for chat misbehavior

‘playerName’ is the name you see in chat (not case-sensitive)

  • After 4 reports the player will be silenced and reported to us to see if they require a permanent chat ban

Attack speed change:

  • Server tickrate set back to 200ms (from 50ms)
  • Server better keeps track of attack speed remainder and uses it in next tick
  • This should result in a real DPS increase for all players

Version 0.45 Wednesday August 10th, 2016

  • [ADD] Current monster medals added to party member icons (host label removed)
  • [FIX] More checks for invalid event boss matchups
  • [FIX] Bug with eternal bonus hero damage
  • [FIX] Added extra inventory hitbox for belt to handle event glove bug
  • [FIX] Incorrect Ezio attack speed on server (caused DPS mismatch)
  • [FIX] No more anti-gravity coins
  • [CHANGE] Mining elixir and gem gains now based on mining depth
  • [CHANGE] Abandoning an event boss now refunds 1 search stamina

Version 0.44 Tuesday August 9th, 2016

  • [ADD] Support for new code types
  • [ADD] Instachop! auto-logging at Infinitree lvl 1
  • [ADD] Mining bonus checks to gold, gems, and elixir rewards
  • [FIX] Added Eternal bonuses throughout game client stats
  • [FIX] Incorrect town max construction time
  • [FIX] Improved hero tier labeling
  • [FIX] Party bonus applying in solo parties

Event changes:

  • [ADD] Search more button while in a boss battle (only returns loot and potions)
  • [FIX] Added additional checks to prevent illegal boss attacks
  • [FIX] Boss rewards no longer given to players who do not do any damage
  • [CHANGE] Increased chance to find existing boss
  • [CHANGE] You can now abandon bosses with zero hp (to be used as an escape from broken boss instances)

Balance changes:

  • [CHANGE] Party monster HP bonuses decreased for each additional party member (75% per changed to 70/60/50)
  • [CHANGE] Auto/click damage upgrades between levels 1-265 increased to smoothly transition into old post 200 damage boost
  • [CHANGE] Base monster hp formula changed to grow more substantially as infinity levels increase
  • [CHANGE] Monster kills required increases changed to every other infinity level and capped at infinity level 5 requirements
  • [CHANGE] Party bonuses are now applied to the final xp/gold value, rather than additively with other bonuses

Important notes:

  • Although Instachop is instant, each individual hit is still calculated on its own to ensure proper criticals, wood rewards, etc.

Version 0.43 Sunday August 7th, 2016

  • -[EVENT FIX] Added additional checks when too many players join a boss at the same time
  • -[EVENT CHANGE] Event boss difficulty reduced and lower level boss probability improved
  • -[EVENT CHANGE] Battle and search stamina find rate increased
  • -[EVENT CHANGE] Event points increased for helping defeat boss
  • -[CHANGE] Milestone rewards capped

Version 0.42 Saturday August 6th, 2016

Event: Dragon Invasion!

  • Gain event points (EvP) to fight tougher dragons, increase your event ranking, and receive great rewards!
  • Limited time Dragon gem pack (max 4)
  • Gold +25%, XP +25%
  • See event screen Guide and Battle Help for more information


  • [ADD] Card previews to binder screen
  • [ADD] Infinity chest ready notification
  • [FIX] Gold card bug with large numbers
  • [FIX] Various small bugs

Version 0.41 Thursday August 4th, 2016

  • [ADD] Additional logging to important server functions to try and catch battle freeze causes
  • [FIX] Various small client bugfixes
  • [CHANGE] Infinity level 4+ now can drop more than 1 medal at a time

Version 0.40 Wednesday August 3rd, 2016

  • [ADD] Party auto-join option settings
  • [ADD] Code to break attack lock when certain battle related saves fail (may help with solo/party freezes)
  • [ADD] Guild member user id will be copied to your clipboard when clicking their member button
  • [ADD] Party member user id will be copied to your clipboard when clicking their party button
  • [ADD] Quad card packs to buy and open 4x packs at a time (toggle in bottom right of buy packs screen)
  • [ADD] New party option Host Select prevents non-host members from changing current monster except when host is disconnected
  • [FIX] Freeze bug when attempting to join a party with illegal monster level
  • [FIX] Incorrect party DPS bug caused by Gombo and Larawen
  • [CHANGE] Removed auto-reconnect counter message
  • [CHANGE] Mining gold gains increased
  • [CHANGE] Daily circuit chest bonus changed to hero damage bonus

Version 0.39 Monday August 1st, 2016

  • [ADD] Intermittent guild member updates to improve last online consistency between server and game client
  • [ADD] Monster medal progress to battle screen with mouse-over (old medal spot reverted back to medals available)
  • [ADD] Game client timers should update reliably when upgrades are changed without need for refresh
  • [FIX] Added coin/gem/elixir kill drops to performance system (won't show if game client is minimized)
  • [FIX] Selected monster preview window pane now tracks current monster
  • [CHANGE] Various weekly ladder action values re-balanced
  • [CHANGE] Mining gold/gems/elixir gains increased

Version 0.38 Sunday July 31st, 2016

  • [FIX] Bug with some variables not properly reloading after leaving a party
  • [CHANGE] Main screen medal counter now shows current monster's total medals
  • [CHANGE] Party level restriction removed for Infinity 1+
  • [CHANGE] New codes default expiration set to 7 days

Version 0.37 Saturday July 30th, 2016

  • [ADD] Detailed item logging system for debugging
  • [CHANGE] Gold cards readded to Infinity 1+
  • [CHANGE] Gold card formula rebalanced (lower starting multiplier increased by Infinity level and rarity)

Version 0.36 Friday July 29th, 2016

Balance changes:

  • [CHANGE] Offline gains increased to 75%
  • [CHANGE] Neither clicks nor mana are spent until Infinity level 1
  • [CHANGE] Item packs dropped by bosses now labeled as Boss packs
  • [CHANGE] Bosses are now guaranteed to drop common Boss pack
  • [ADD] Boss packs added to player level targets (common every 10th [& level 5], uncommon every 25th, rare every 100th)
  • [ADD] Added multipliers to miniboss/boss gold coin drops (10x/20x pre Infinity 1, 5x post)
  • [ADD] Clearing a non-boss monster now provides a 2x gold coin multiplier


  • [ADD] New Initiate and Elite special one-time gem packs
  • [ADD] Additional increased elixir and food quantity buttons
  • [FIX] Removed Sawmill logging bonus from Logging screen efficiency number
  • [FIX] Hero DPS calculation fixes (spells & idle bonus)
  • [CHANGE] Gold cards no longer drop after Infinity level 1
  • [CHANGE] Shaft now provides bonus regardless of battle formation position
  • [CHANGE] Spells can no longer be cast against cleared monsters

Version 0.35 Thursday July 28th, 2016

  • [FIX] DPS calculations improved
  • [FIX] Hero gauntlet stamina display after upgrade
  • [FIX] Guild contribution bug

Version 0.34 Wednesday July 27th, 2016

  • [FIX] Hero member button bonuses now include Farnham bonus
  • [FIX] Farnham bonus modifier was incorrect on server (was 100%, now correct 50%)
  • [FIX] Multiple minor damage calculation fixes
  • [FIX] DPS calculations between game client and server should be much more reliable
  • [FIX] Possible fix for party level not saving after host level up
  • [FIX] Spot where party join check was still checking 20 level difference instead of 50
  • [FIX] Failed Kongregate logins should now show correct login screen
  • [ADD] Full number mouse-overs to Stats screen
  • [ADD] Achievement crowns reset
  • [ADD] -20% monster hp on monster level 1 infinity level 1+ solo (to help stuck players who Infinity leveled too quickly)
  • [CHANGE] Town castle now provides gold based on max monster gold
  • [CHANGE] Town mine now produces gems instead of gold
  • [CHANGE] Daily reward gold changed to use max monster gold if higher than default value

Version 0.33 Tuesday July 26th, 2016

  • [FIX] Bugs related to monster and infinity level when joining party by user id
  • [FIX] Possible fix to very rare item bug
  • [FIX] Depravity added to stats screen when active
  • [FIX] Level 200+ auto/click damage boost formula not working
  • [FIX] Game client click upgrade gold cost display bug
  • [ADD] Basic status system for possible auto-refresh bot
  • [ADD] Option to show full combat numbers (damage, xp, gold) up to 10 trillion
  • [ADD] Mouse-overs for xp, monster hp, and dps
  • [ADD] Total stone contribution added to guild member button (includes all contributions a player has made to any guild)
  • [CHANGE] Party max level difference increase to 50
  • [CHANGE] Infinity point reset now zero elixir
  • [CHANGE] Spell point reset now zero elixir
  • [MAJOR] Underlying server framework code efficiency improved

Version 0.32 Friday July 22nd, 2016

  • [FIX] Party Idle Bonus mode countdown timer
  • [CHANGE] Bonus gold coins for bosses and minibosses now apply to all kills, not just clearing

Update notes:

  • We're going to take Friday and the weekend to make some major efficiency improvements to our server architecture. This is to make sure we get the best possible performance out of our dedicated server(s).
  • High level DPS is still unfinished. It will require a comprehensive review to figure out where the client/server mismatches are. We'll handle this early next week after the server improvements.

Version 0.31 Thursday July 21st, 2016

  • [FIX] Party gold gain bug
  • [FIX] Game client max party member bug for Infinity level 3+
  • [FIX] Logging and mining regen boost calculation
  • [FIX] Power level pack bonus
  • [ADD] Improved messages for party join fails
  • [ADD] Minute countdown to Idle Bonus notification
  • [ADD] Game client action log reporter to help track down tricky client crashes
  • [CHANGE] Idle Bonus mode start time changed to 1 minute
  • [CHANGE] Join/search/create party language improved
  • [CHANGE] If party host rejoins party with higher Infinity level than party members, members will be kicked with additional error message.
  • [CHANGE] Hero gauntlet damage upgrade formula changed (level^2)
  • [CHANGE] All level based rewards (like gold codes) now based off of max level monster gold value

Hotfix: [ADD] Chat button new messages notifier [ADD] Chat notification options to Option screen [ADD] Improved error logging [CHANGE] Chat should now remember your last selected room"

Version 0.30 Wednesday Jul 20th, 2016

  • [FIX] Guild not allowing non leaders to invite
  • [FIX] Error when managing guild members
  • [FIX] Guild creation bug
  • [FIX] Party DPS/host swapping bug
  • [FIX] Spell cost reduction not applying to casting check
  • [FIX] Possible bug with click/mana regeneration
  • [ADD] Spells which cannot be cast due to mana are now shaded
  • [CHANGE] Minibosses now give one additional gold coin
  • [CHANGE] Bosses now give two additional gold coins
  • [CHANGE] Bosses now have a chance to drop item packs (base 10%)

Version 0.29 Tuesday July 19th, 2016

  • [FIX] Stats screen showing incorrect auto and click crit bonus from items
  • [FIX] Guild not properly increasing max members based on Keep
  • [FIX] Item/packs rate not showing properly on Stats screen
  • [FIX] Bug with currency decimals (be on the lookout for decimal weirdness)
  • [FIX] Mana not updating when Show Spells option disabled
  • [ADD] Confirmation to kick party member button
  • [ADD] Bonus code reward text to Daily Reward tutorial
  • [ADD] 100 gem code automatically placed in Daily Reward screen first visit
  • [CHANGE] Increased update frequency for some rankings
  • [CHANGE] DPS is now calculated based on stats rather than real-time damage
  • [CHANGE] Party members show DPS instead of damage

Version 0.28 - Monday July 18th, 2016

  • [FIX] Card upgrade and fusion screen accidental equip bug
  • [FIX] Logging damage bonus from items was broken
  • [FIX] Infinity no longer give duplicate items within the same pack
  • [FIX] Magnetism now included on stats screen
  • [ADD] Monster selection availability now reflects entire party