Events are released several times per month, adding special features, bonuses, and challenges. The Events reward Event Tokens which grant Gold, XP and Damage bonuses, as well as large amounts of Gold, Gems, Elixir, Card Packs and Food.

List of past Events


Snow Festival Event

  • Ran from 14th December - 7th January
  • +30% Gold and XP gain

Spooky Halloween Event

  • Ran from 24th October - 12th November
  • +25% Gold and XP gain

Larawen's Hero Origin!

  • Ran from 25th September - 15 October
  • +25% Gold and XP gain

Gombo's Hero Origin!

  • Ran from 27th August - 16 September
  • +25% Gold and XP gain

Dragon Invasion!

  • Ran from 6th August - 16th August
  • +25% Gold and XP gain
Event List
2016 Dragon InvasionGombo's Hero OriginLarawen's Hero OriginSpooky HalloweenSnow Festival

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