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A flock of fighting fowl called the Razorclaw Raptors have destroyed a caravan young Larawen was traveling with! As the survivors flee the scene, Larawen decides to stand and fight, both to destroy the attackers as well as recover the looted caravan supplies!


Fight the marauding Razorclaw Raptors, scavenge the caravan wreckage, and gain EvP for great rewards!


  • Defeat enemies using Larawen's attacks.
  • Use XP gained to upgrade Larawen's abilities, making her stronger.
  • Claim EvP rewards by defeating monsters.
    • Once all EvP rewards are claimed, continue fighting for bonus resources such as Gems and Elixir.

Event Items


Seed RingElven Battle Boots


Elven Battle ArmorArcher Hat


Archer GlovesLotus Charm


Elite Elven DaggerOsiris Ring


Elite Elven HelmElven Battle BeltTree of Life


  • The player could keep fighting and killing monsters after all EvP rewards have been claimed unlike the previous event.
Event List
2016 Dragon InvasionGombo's Hero OriginLarawen's Hero OriginSpooky HalloweenSnow Festival

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