Just going to add odd tidbits about the game here, things that don't really fit on any other page Sikthty (talk)

Upgrade caps

  • Less HP level 600: -43.75%
  • Mana Regen level 90: +90%
  • More Coins level 10: +10 coins
  • Treasure Golem level 50: +28.75%
  • Auto Attack Speed level 400: -71.25%
    • Elixir cost to max = 160,400
  • Click Attack Speed level 400: -71.25%
    • Elixir cost to max = 160,400
  • Each Gem Upgrade takes 182,450 Gems to max; 547,350 Gems for all three upgrades.
  • Hero Upgrade: Gauntlet Regen level 50: 40%


  • Daily Claim Reduction level 50: -40%
  • Exploration Speed level 50: -40%
  • Logging Speed level 50: -40%
  • Mining Speed level 50: -40%


  • Maximum time taken to upgrade the Castle is 144 hours, the rest of the buildings are 72 hours.


  • Increasing the Gold Boost Bonus Infinity upgrade before opening cards increases the gold gained from them, the same goes for wearing gold boost equipment.
  • Card pack drop rates for explorations haven't been confirmed, but many people say they get the same droprate doing 2h Gold explorations as 8h Gem or Elixir explorations.
  • There's been no evidence of getting better quality packs or multiple pack drops with a high Item % from activities, so upgrade More Packs at your own risk. Level 5-10 is probably fine if you have the Gems to upgrade it.


  • +10% base damage increase is added every 100 player levels until player level 2,000.

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