Join in on the Spooky Halloween celebration by going trick-or-treating throughout the land!

Each town,fort, or castle will provide you with rewards or candy which you can use to feed the scary monsters and generate lots of spookiness!!


Go trick-or-treating for candy, feed it to your scary monsters and generate spookiness for rewards!


  • Use the search function to find resources and candies to level up your Halloween monsters.
  • Only certain types of houses drop candy; Humans always give candy, Orcs give them randomly, and Dwarves never give any out.
    • There are three types of candy; Crunchy, Gum and Chewy. Each can be fed to any of the monsters to make them spookier, but each one has a favorite. If a unit gets fed their favorite candy, they get double the level growth. Creeper Bats have no favorite but will not get any bonus growth.
  • Each monster level grants the player one Spooky level, which is used to gain Scare Points and earn EVP.

Event Items


Witch BroomMummy Mittens


Mummy BodySpider Ring


Mummy HeadwrapSkull Chain




MacheteVoodoo BeltMummy Shufflers


  • The player could keep fighting and killing monsters after all EvP rewards have been claimed unlike the previous event.
Event List
2016 Dragon InvasionGombo's Hero OriginLarawen's Hero OriginSpooky HalloweenSnow Festival

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